Spark Plugs from Bosch

Spark plugs from Bosch

Quality which sets the standard: Spark plugs from Bosch

Automobile manufacturers, motorists, motorcycle manufacturers and motorcyclists all agree: Bosch spark plugs are first choice. This is brought about by the cooperation between Bosch and leading motor vehicle manufacturers. The reasons for the popularity of the spark plugs are their outstanding performance and reliability. Bosch can supply the right spark plug for every vehicle. Technically, the spark plugs are perfectly designed to satisfy the requirements of each engine.

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Bosch spark plugs Bosch spark plugs Bosch spark plugs

Bosch spark plugs

Quality that sets new standards

Technology and developments General information General information

General information

Pacemaker for the engine – the spark plug

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Spark plugs for all applications: Cars, vans, motorcycles, low-power engines, boats, industry.

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Bosch spark plugs make history

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The spark plug range from Bosch



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